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Basel Cellars, Walla Walla, Washington


When you open a bottle of Basel Cellars wine--be it red, white, or rosé, you will be inspired to learn more. You will immediately recognize it as a Washington wine. After the first sip you will distinguish Eastern Washington. Then, you will know Basel Cellars: wines with rich fruit flavors, and the distinct characteristics of Columbia Valley, and Walla Walla dirt; full-bodied red wines with smooth tannins and supple texture.


The Walla Walla vineyard is certified sustainable and salmon safe. They maintain full control over the vineyard blocks and source from other acclaimed AVA’s in Eastern Washington (Columbia Valley, Horse Heaven Hills). These practices allow Basel Cellars to reference their wines as Estate wines, and ensure utmost quality, natural expression of the fruit, and a wonderful future for the planet.


  • Claret

  • Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon

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