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Clos Cibonne, Côtes de Provence, France


The property of Clos Cibonne dates back to 1797 when the Roux Family purchased it from Jean Baptiste de Cibon, captain of the royal marines of Louis XVI. After a winding history of prosperity and 

adversity, the estate was revitalized in the 1990s by Bridget Roux and her husband, reestablishing the vaunted tradition of the domaine.  At the heart of the estate is their Tibouren, of which the Clos Cibonne name has become synonymous. Proving Tibouren to be the ideal grape for the region, Clos Cibonne crafts a wine that is completely its own through combining this rare grape with a unique aging process that consistently pleases with each new vintage.


  • Tibouren Cuvée Tradition Rose

  • Tibouren Cuvée Spéciale des Vignettes Rose

  • Côtes de Provence Rouge

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