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Forlorn Hope Winery, Suisun Valley, California 


Forlorn Hope Wines is located in Napa Valley and is the creation of Matthew Rorick.  Inspired by his grandfather to pursue a career as a Viticulturist, Matthew has been developing delicious rare creations since.  Throughout his career Rorick has participated in a number of wine making projects in New Zealand, South Africa, and Chile. 


At Forlorn Hope Winery, they believe very strongly that site and farming produce all that should be found in a bottle of wine. They don't want to confuse or muddy the story that each wine relates by adding water or yeast or acid or enzymes. Just like his wines, Matthew is truly one of a kind.


  • 'Que Saudade' Verdehlo

  • 'Kirschenmann' Pinot Gris

  • 'Sihaya' Ribolla Gialla

  • 'Trou Grit' Trousseau Gris

  • 'Kumo to Amo' Portugues Field Blend

  • 'Suspiro Del Moro' Alvarelhao

  • 'Les Deux Mathieux' Petite Sirah

  • 'Ghanima' Merlot

  • 'Sogni della Speccia' Sangiovese

  • 'Mil Amores' Portuguese Field Blend

  • 'Gascony Cadets' Petite Verdot

  • ' Dexter Lake' Red Blend

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