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Doniene Gorrondona, Bizkaiko Txakolina, Spain


Doniene Gorrondona is a winery located in the once famous Bakio region of the Basque Country of Spain. Itziar and Andoni, along with another friend from the region, have rehabilitated and modernized this ancient vineyard and winery. The significance of its location is evident from the moment one steps into the Bakio valley. The valley creates steep-sloped bowl that faces the Cantabrian Sea. Hondarribi Zuri has been planted in the well-drained soils of these slopes. The vines are farmed organically and the wines are fermented using indigenous yeasts. Itziar and Andoni believe in creating wines that reflect their distinct terruño.


  • Gorrondona Blanco Txakolina

  • Doniene Tinto Txakolina

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