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Le Chemin Des Reves, Pic St. Loup, France


The domain covers 17 hectares of vineyards under the appellation Coteaux du Languedoc Pic Saint Loup and Grés de Montpellier. Most parts of the vineyards are on the terroir of Pic Saint Loup in Saint Gély du Fesc, on a hill with a beautiful sight over the Pic Saint Loup. The slopes have a north-west exposure facing the sunset. The ground is composed of rolled pebbles where the nearly 50 year-old vines get caught on. The wind from the north and west beats against the vegetation on this land and gives extreme wines. Another part of the domaine is on the terroir Grés de Montpellier in Combaillaux. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 150 - 200 metres, in a fairly cold zone. The slow ripening of the grapes gives freshness to very well balanced wines, without any excess of alcohol.


  • Bois Moi

  • Saltimbanque, Old Vine Carignan

  • Libertalia Blanc

  • Libertalia Rose

  • Libertalia Rouge 

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